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A main focus of the Caribbean Chinese Association throughout its existence of over 25 years is to ensure its contribution to the community. The Association's involvement in fund raising efforts to meet the needs of its immediate community and those beyond marks the CCA's commitment to this purpose. Whether large or small, the CCA has never said "no" to the challenge, of contributing to disaster relief, promoting better health, and improving the quality of community life.

The Yee Hong Centre for Geriatric Care and Mon Sheong Nursing Home are two high profile events to which the CCA has made significant contribution. As well the Association's community efforts range farther afield to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, Terry Fox Foundation and the United Way.

When natural disasters take their toll, like the Trinidadian flood and Hurricane Gilbert hit on Jamaica, the CCA has shown why "Caribbean" is part of it's identity. The CCA has responded to calls of support for: a nine-year-old Jamaican who came to Canada for a life-saving operation; Elizabeth Lue who was in need of a bone marrow transplant for aplastic anaemia; Hector Chin of Florida, who with help was able to fight off a life threatening illness.

The efforts of the CCA have enhanced the quality of life for various groups such as church parishes with specific needs; the Vietnam Boat People and The Paula de Castro Memorial Fund for needy sick children.

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